ŠK VAZKA Bratislava

1. a 2. kolo Slovenského pohára v orientačnej cyklistike, Medzinárodné majstrovstvá Slovenska v OC, Verejné preteky v OC (24 - 25. 04. 2004)

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1st & 2nd round of Slovak Cup in MTB-O, International Slovak Championship, Public MTB-O competition

Bulletin nr.1
Organizer: Slovenský zväz orientačných športov, http://www.orienteering.sk
Technical Organizer: ŠŠK Gymnázium Vazovova + ŠK VAZKA Bratislava, http://www.vba.sk
Competition centre: Stupava, range (map)
Competition classification: 24.4. - public competition with set order of control points, International Slovak Championship and 1nd round of Slovak Cup in long distance
25.4. - public competition with set order of control points, International Slovak Championship and 2nd round of Slovak Cup in short distance
Categories: Championship: M-18, M 19-, M 40-, M 50-, W-18, W 19-, W 40-
Public: M-14, W-14, Open1 (easy,short), Open2 (longer, more difficult)
Applications: Till 16.4.2004
written form: Adam Müller, Wolkrova 29, 851 01 Bratislava, Slovak republic
e-mail: prihlaska-vba@nextra.sk
phone: +421 908 565 345 (only between 4pm and 9pm)
Applications have to contain: name, reg. number or year of birth, category, SI number or wish to hire it and type of accomodation. E-mail applications are valid only after confirmation.
After 16.4.2004 only in limited amount (depends on organizer's possibilities).
Entry fees: MW-14, Open1 ...................... 50Sk/day
MW-18, M 50-, Open 2 .......... 80Sk/day
MW19-, 40- ........................... 110Sk/day
Payment only in SKK at presentation.
Presentation: 24.4.2003 in competition centre, 9:30am - 10:45am
Start 00: Saturday - 12:00; Sunday - 10:00
Punching: SportIdent, It is possible to hire SI chip for fee of 50Sk/day. In case of not returning it or returning a damaged chip, competitor has to pay fine of 800Sk.
Accommodation: Basic school in Stupava (50Sk/person)
Hostel in Záhorská Bystrica (220Sk/person, about 4km from competition centre)
Hostel in Bratislava-Krasňany (170Sk/person, about 30km from competition centre)
Capacity of hostels is limited!
Map: new, special for MTB-O, scale 1:20000, e:5m
Terrain description: typical for this location, hilly with a lot of roads and footpaths with various practicability.
Competition officials: director of the competition-- Eva Králová
main referee - Mikuláš Šabo
Course setters -- Peter Mlynárik, Miroslav Lago
By publishing this bulletin, all training activity in the area of maps Vydrica, U Slivu and Kačín is forbidden.